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Nonsense Makes Sense. Make Sense of Nonsense.
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Treading the Blue Skies Ahead

The beginning of the year always brings me to contemplation. Look back in order to look forward.  2010 has brought many changes to our family.  The mark of a new decade, a new phase in our lives, with some transitions, more welcomed than others.  A promising new job for the hubby, a new (and roomier) home, a new school for the kiddo and a (much anticipated) little pea in the pod.  

We miss our old home, our friends, the ocean, the vineyards, The Bay.  But the 831-mile change has enabled me to  trade-in the paycheck for little hugs and kisses (and yes, the usual tantrum).  This year I was able to make her little trinkets, bake for her, volunteer in school, watch her bloom.  All definitely worth the budget adjustment.

2 years ago, stressed from work and feeling a long standing guilt for leaving our pride & joy to the local kid center (10hrs/day, 5days/wk), I found myself thinking on what was important to me and our family, and that was how Epiphany came to be.  This new year,  with all its changes, my values still hold true.  Our family will be treading the blue skies ahead with 2o1o in the rearview.